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Actual letter received from a client. Only last name and address have been removed for privacy. 

Hattie ****

Redmond OR, 97756                         December 9, 2007 

To anyone considering hypnosis for treatment of dental related anxiety (especially to those who are hesitant):  

Through a dreadful couple of visits with a horrific dentist, including an appointment in which my bottom wisdom teeth were extracted I developed a serious phobia of dentists. I avoided check-ups like a toothache and when I was forced to go I was less than thrilled.  

Steve recommended hypnosis and he explained how it may enable me to overcome my anxiety of the dentist’ chair and how it could even aid in pain control. I didn’t think it was possible but I didn’t have anything to lose so I relented.  

Within a few sessions Steve helped me develop the ability to “drop” myself into a completely relaxed state. I used this skill a few weeks ago when my other pair of wisdom teeth was extracted.  

I was able to walk into that office without any fear or anxiety had a peaceful surgery where I was calm and relaxed and have been almost pain free since then. The difference was incredible!  

I know that hypnosis has been portrayed as a stage performer’s best trick but it is not a joke. Hypnosis works. If you have any anxiety about seeing a dentist or doctor, I would highly recommend you consider a couple of hypnosis sessions. You will undoubtedly see a difference!  


Hattie *****

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