What services are available to me?

General Hypnosis.
Call today if you have never been hypnotized before and would like to experience this wonderful state for the first time. We have very low fees for introductory sessions and you may even qualify for a free session. Please call today to discuss your needs.

As mentioned in our home and other pages, hypnotherapy can be remarkably effective in dealing with many issues people have today. From helping folks stop smoking, reducing fears and phobias all the way through to helping athletes excel in their chosen sport. Stress reduction is particularly effective with hypnosis.

Children & Hypnotism
Do you have children that have trouble at school with exam anxiety, or have trouble concentrating on schoolwork? Hypnosis can be your best friend in helping them overcome these issues.

Painless Childbirth. 
Learn powerful techniques of self-hypnosis to help you bring your baby into the world in a calm, stress-free and painless way, without drugs or anxiety. 

As with painless childbirth, you can learn the ability to relax yourself and reinforce powerful and positive suggestions to help you achieve your goals. 

Recreational Hypnosis. 
Ok, there is also an element of fun with hypnosis. As great a therapeutic tool as it is, it can also be a lot of fun. Call today to schedule a stage hypnosis show where you can be the star attraction. 

Your subconscious mind is a wonderful computer that sees all and forgets nothing. With hypnosis, you can go back to earlier years and remember things and events like they happened yesterday. Hypnosis has even been used to help locate mislaid items. Regression is commonly used in therapy, but you can call today to schedule a recreational regression session just to enjoy again the intimate details of a vacation or other great experience. 

There are many other uses for hypnosis. Call today to ask about anything you would like to try with hypnosis. You may even qualify for a free introductory session. 

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