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As a professional in the dental industry, I am sure you can immediately think of several patients who have a deep fear and high level of anxiety when coming to see you for treatment. 

Hypnosis can be a remarkably effective therapy to reduce or, in many cases, eliminate completely, this fear and anxiety. 

As an introductory offer to you, I would like to treat a patient of yours completely free of charge so that they can testify directly to you as to how effective their treatment was. Then, based on their experience, I would ask that you consider referring me other patients that you think might benefit from hypnosis therapy. 

Of course you are welcome to experience it yourself. I welcome dentists and doctors to experience the relaxing state of a deep trance themselves. It will give you the confidence to unreservedly recommend this treatment to your patients. 

Please click on my "Testimonials from clients" page to see actual case histories.  

Fear of this nature can usually be resolved in one or two sessions. In most cases the fear is removed for life and follow up sessions are completely unnecessary. 

Please give me a call today to discuss how we can help you. 


Steve Brandt
Certified Hypnotist.

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