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What is this going to cost me ? 

Great question. I would rather you ask the more important question - "What does NOT having the issue resolved cost me?"

Think about it. How much time, money, energy, resentment do you currently experience with the issue that brought you to my website in the first place ? For instance, if you smoke - how much do you spend on tobacco every month ? Year ?? What if you took a small percentage of that money and dealt with the problem once and for all ? Wouldn't that be a better way to go ?

I don't like to charge on a per session basis. I offer solutions to problems. Most issues can be successfully resolved in a single session. Some take two or more sessions before a successful outcome prevails. What I CAN say is that spending some money on getting things taken care of is always going to be a better thing than letting the issue simmer and keep you worn out. 

Call me to discuss your needs. Whether you need me to help with an issue or simply to book me for an evening of fun and entertainment, you will get an honest and fair quotation before we do any work together. 

Again - how much is your issue or habit really costing you ? How much would you save by getting it taken care of NOW ? 

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