About Hypnosis and how it can help you

Hypnosis is a very normal and common state. Most of us have been in light hypnosis many, many times before. 

Ever missed your exit while driving down the highway because you were 'daydreaming' ? 

Ever been so engrossed in a book or task that you didn't hear someone come in ?  Both are examples of light hypnosis.


Hypnotherapy - as opposed to straight hypnosis or stage hypnosis that you might have seen in a show or TV - has been proven to be very effective in helping folks achieve certain goals. Through hypnosis we can deal with the root cause of a problem in a manner that is often more effective than traditional means. 

With hypnosis, we simply guide you towards your goals, whether those goals are to quit smoking, lose weight, or remove a fear that you have had for years. It is not mind control and you have full awareness of everything around you. Click on this link to read get more details in Hypnosis 101 - dispelling the myths

If you are ready to take back control of your life - do consider hypnosis as one of your choices. Within just a couple of sessions (maybe even in just one session), hypnosis and a skilled hypnotist can help you overcome what has been an insurmountable problem for you. Please give us a call today to schedule your FREE introductory consultation. 

Dispelling the myths - Hypnosis 101
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